Our philosophy is that when it comes to floral arrangements, as with food, if you have the finest ingredients, you can’t help but create beautiful things. And all the flowers and foliage selected, cut and foraged for our work are just that - the very finest.

What we grow in British gardens and hedgerows is nothing short of breathtaking. No matter what the season, there is always something to find - whether it’s winter flowering viburnum with their delicate white clusters and golden dried grasses, teasels and bracken in the ‘dormant’ months of winter, the fragile petals of spring blossom and ranunculus, the in-your-face showiness of late summer dahlias, delicate garden roses, frothy ammi, or the changing foliage tones of autumn. Our designs aim to celebrate and highlight the seasons and bounty of British flowers, and we thrive on working with the rhythms of nature in this way.

Our flowers and foliage come from local growers and are increasingly being supplemented with ingredients from our own cutting garden. I’m not sure I’m confident yet enough a grower to use the words ‘flower farm’, but we are slowly working towards sourcing a growing proportion of our flowers from our own beds.

During the winter months, we do also source flowers from carefully selected overseas suppliers and make as much effort to design around a minimal environmental footprint as possible.